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A Healing Conversation with


Raida Juan

War Survivor, Refugee, New Canadian


The Power of God Working in my Life

A modern-day "Exodus" story of the powerful ways God showed his miraculous protection, guidance and provision!

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My Testimony

My name is Raida Juan, a war survivor, refugee and an immigrant. God loves me so much but His love, mercy and grace has been present throughout my life without me taking notice at the time.

The most significant events that have blown my mind were during the war in my country, Sudan.  The enemies who sought to kill us were very close, separated only by a river.  By Godís grace they did not see us and we were able to exit safely.

In the refugee camp in Kenya, (I call it our wilderness) there were 77 blocks of people according to UNHCR (United Nations) residence allocation.  76 blocks were inhabited by Muslims and only one by Christians, the one where our family lived.  

UNHCR did not understand how the Sudanese people made their way to that camp since it did not border on Sudan and they were trying to figure out how to help us.  No food was given to my people for one year, but God understood, and He sent birds (Quail) in large numbers but only to our block of Christians. He also sent Helmeted Guineafowl and wild pigs, and some small animals were drawn near to the camp for us to hunt.  That was totally the work of God!  Words cannot explain our wonder and gratitude for His incredible Greatness! 

Another miracle was an unexpected El Nino rain that created a big river in the desert where we were and it was teeming with a large number of fish. What happened was, the roads were muddy due to the heavy rainfall and trucks that delivered food for the refugees got stuck so UNHCR delivered the food by cargo planes dropped from above close to the ground. What that meant was that the food ration for two weeks was greatly reduced.  God was supplementing that supply with fish. What an amazing Father!

When we immigrated to Canada, we found life to be hard; a new country, a new system and the process of settling into our new home was very challenging. Our marriage began to fail and break apart slowly until my spouse and I separated after 20 years of family life.  But that was not the end.  My 25 year old son was poisoned by a family member and died leaving two children. I was angry, hurt and depressed, and did not know what I was going to do.  In His love and mercy, God kept strengthening me by sending people with money and food to support my family.

Two years ago I became very sick.  I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and HIV, and was in hospital for almost five months receiving chemotherapy and other medications. After the final treatment I was discharged, and my first PET scan showed no cancer cells!

During my hospital stay, the pastoral care visitor from my church visited me every week. After a good chat he would anoint me and pray for healing before sharing Holy Communion. While he was praying for me one day toward the end of my stay, I was amazed to hear a choir singing ever so beautifully!  After we finished praying, I asked if he could hear the beautiful music.  He said no but when I told him what I heard he said with a wide smile that he believed they were Angels singing to me, and that I was the only one who could hear them. What a blessing that was to me!  

God is good all the timeÖ and all the time God is good!

After all that I had been through, I began to re-evaluate my life.  I asked God for forgiveness, and I forgave everyone who hurt me whether intentionally or not.  With the help and prayers of a friend I invited Jesus into my heart to be my Lord and Savior.  I finally found healing and a complete peace that I have never experienced before.  Now I can clearly hear Godís voice, and His direction for what He wants me to do.  I praise Him for His faithfulness!

God tried to reach me so often by sending people at different times and in different places. Upon reflection I can see that His message was always the same: all He wanted was for me to acknowledge Him and His Presence, and to know the power of HIs love, peace and provision.  And I know now that He also wants to use me for His glory but I was unable to recognize that, being too busy with other things and not paying attention.  Today Iím ready!

Iím sharing my story so that anyone who is struggling to believe and trust in our wonderful God for everything may draw strength and be inspired to do so.   Please be encouraged to seek Him.  God is not a respecter of persons... what He has done for me... He can do you!"

Raida shared the following scriptures at the end of the call:   

Psalm 41; Psalm 42:3, Jeremiah 3:17, Exodus 14:26

Raida Juan lives in Calgary and is studying for a degree.  She attends St Luke's Anglican in Calgary, AB, Canada.

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