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The Rev. Paul Feider

Oct 21, 2018

Healing Shame and Imprisoning Fear

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The Rev. Paul Feider, Guest Speaker

Anointed Teaching

Healing Unresolved Grief

Rev. Paul Feider was born and raised in Wisconsin. He began preparation for priesthood in high school, and continued seminary in college which led him to study at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. He completed his Masters of Divinity degree in Milwaukee and was ordained in 1977. In 1994 he took a year of Anglican Studies at Nashotah House.

Rev. Paul served as a Roman Catholic priest for 18 years and an Episcopal priest for 22 years. He spent these years passionately leading people in his community and surrounding area to a deep love for God, teaching about the power of God's word and bringing God's healing touch to numerous people. He has traveled to Australia, Europe, Guatemala, Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar, and nationally teaching and ministering the healing love of God.

Rev. Paul has written 5 books, available for purchase on Amazon

  • The Christian Search For Meaning in Suffering,

  • St. Paul's Letters For Today's Christian,

  • Journey to Inner Peace,

  • Sacrament: Encountering the Risen Lord, and

  • Resting in the Heart.

In 1979, he became an active member of the Association of Christian Therapists. In 1996 he became a member of the Order of St. Luke, a national organization dedicated to the Christian healing ministry. He also has served on the National Board of Director for Christian Healing Ministries directed by Francis and Judith MacNutt. He is now serving as president of the Board of The Order of St. Luke.

As a way of reaching out to more people, he produced nine video taped series (now on DVD) of his teachings on Spiritual Enrichment, Healing, and Scripture.

Rev. Paul recently retired from serving as pastor of St. John's Episcopal Church and Center For Inner Peace in New London, Wisconsin. He was able to initiate growth in the New London Church to the point where they went from nearly closing to needing a new church building. He designed the new church and was the main builder for that structure. St Johnís was a central place for teaching, worship and healing ministry for the past 18 years. From this place, he taught the School For Christian Healing and Spiritual Enrichment as well as offered many opportunities for healing prayer and scriptural teachings.

Paul is married to Julie, who is a retired Licensed Professional Counselor.

Fr. Paul Feider has a fire in his heart for inviting people into the heart of God. His gifts of preaching, teaching, praying and administrating have been anointed by the Holy Spirit to bring many people to greater wholeness and inner peace.

Topics on which Fr. Paul Feider has often spoken include:

Main Topic Ė Healing Teachings
Healing in the Gospels - "What did Jesus Do?"
Suffering and Christian Healing
Inner Healing
Healing of Memories
The Healing Power of the Holy Spirit
Bitter Roots and Inner Vows
Healing Our Wounded Emotions
Giving the Gift of Prayer Ministry
Dealing With Evil
Healing Our Lineage
Healing Intimacy with God
26 Healing Miracles of Jesus
Healing Power of the Sacraments
Church Growth

DVD Series produced by Rev. Paul
Main Topic of Spiritual Enrichment
The Spiritual Enrichment Seminars - Six sessions on growing closer to God.

Other Topics
Journey to Inner Peace (5 Part series on DVD)
Journey of Inner Healing (5 Part series on DVD)

Main Topic - Bible Studies
Mark's Gospel (10 Part series on DVD)
Luke's Gospel (10 part series)
John's Gospel (11 Part series on DVD)
Acts of the Apostles (10 Part series on DVD)
Paul's Letters (12 part series on DVD

Rev. Paul Feider
W5765 Firelane 12
Menasha, WI 54952


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