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The Rev Peter Ostrander


As he grew up in Barrington IL, Peter Ostrander built electronic kits and developed an interest in Physics, which he pursued, obtaining a doctorate in nuclear structure at Penn State in 1970.  He taught physics at the Penn State, Fayette Campus for 34 years. 

Early Christian reading, including C.S. Lewis, and church participation led to his personal commitment to Christ in 1973, then experiences of the Holy Spirit and his gifts.  Peter studied for the ministry, completing his Master of Divinity degree in 1986. 

He served as Vicar of St. George’s Episcopal Church in Waynesburg, PA for 21 years, while also becoming involved in the International Order of Saint Luke the Physician, which supports the continuation and growth of Jesus’ healing ministry in the Church. Peter has served as Regional Director for OSL for 6 years and has presented several talks and workshops at regional and North American conferences.   


Our Congratulations to Rev. Peter E. Ostrander,

at Servant Song Ministries www.servantsongministries.org

on the release of his new book

New Testament Healing

In our world of advanced western medicine, complementary or alternate therapies, twelve-step groups, and self-help programs, many people have sought to maintain or improve their health in this life. Have you considered another possibility- Christian healing ministry according to the patterns found in the New Testament? 

If you read the Gospel according to Mark, about 32 % of this wonderful narrative up to Jesus’ final week upon earth, is about healing and miracles!   Jesus and his first disciples were quite successful.  How did they heal the sick? Would a contemporary expression of this ministry be of interest to you?  As the good news about Jesus is preached and ordinary Christians pray and minister, people have been healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually, then experience abundant life with Jesus Christ.

This book will help you learn more about Christian healing, encourage you to receive ministry, and prepare you to reach out to others.  

New Testament Healing is published by Xulon Press and is available online in paperback, hardback, and e-book formats via www.amazon.com/author/peterostrander/ and www.bn.com Wholesale copies from Xulon: (866)381-2665, x1173.

 Contact author:  (724)439-3614, 37 Kensington Circle, Uniontown  PA 15401, peo@psu.edu.



Inner Healing

A Short Prayer Pattern for the Individual


By Peter Ostrander



Father God: I have not only sinned against you and other people; I have also been sinned against by others, resulting in painful memories and reactions, which live within me.  I need to be healed and to forgive, even if there is pain involved. 


(Wait upon God)


Holy Spirit of God, dwelling in my depths, I invite you now to bring to my mind a recent or old memory, including details, emotions, and thoughts.  .


 (Wait upon God)


Jesus, you transcend space and time, you were with me then and can be with me now as I relive this experience.  Make your presence, your love, and your truth known to me now as I wait silently upon you.   . 

(Wait upon God)


Lay your crucified, resurrected hands upon this memory, removing the sting, return it transformed, then in gratitude, help me in agape’ love, to totally forgive the one who hurt me, to your glory.


Thank you God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit for healing this memory.  Amen.



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