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Rev. Hugh Bromiley

Nov 19, 2017

Healing From The Inside Out

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Hugh & Monte Bromiley

Reverend Hugh Bromiley has been in the Healing Ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ for twenty-five years. In 2013 he devoted himself full time to the healing ministry. He and his wife Monte provide a personal ministry of inner healing, counseling and deliverance to individuals, as well as speaking at healing conferences, and leading workshops to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

Hugh is the author of "In Search of a Miracle," a popular book on the healing power of the Lord. He was recently elected to become the North American Director of the International Order of St. Luke.

Monte, an ordained minister, works one-on-one with individuals to bring them to a place of greater wholeness and freedom. Her ministry, Beth Shalom, has been a source of healing and deliverance to hurting people for almost thirty years. Beth can be translated "house of wholeness"; Shalom "nothing missing, nothing, broken, and the absence of chaos." She has a passion for equipping the saints for ministry. Her workshops offer a time of training and equipping for those who desire to know more of the Kingdom principles for ministering to the "brokenhearted and captives."

For more information visit http://bethshalomtexas.com/#_About

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