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Craig Miller

Nov 18, 2018

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How Suppressed Emotions Create
and Block Mind/Body Conditions

Far too many Christians are waiting, hoping, and praying for healing, but either it doesn’t last or it doesn’t come at all. Doctors shrug and say there is nothing they can do which only leaves people wondering, helpless, and without answers as to what is blocking their healing.
Craig Miller will speak about his experiences over the last 38 years of ministry and counseling that has brought to light about emotions becoming one of the most common, most misunderstood, and undertaught reasons for the lack of healing of mind/body illnesses. Research has shown the importance of emotions to help integrate the body systems and balance your mind to regulate the body stress level. Even the Bible references the emotional life of Jesus Christ impacting His time of ministry and James 5:16 lets you know that when you confess your sins (your thoughts) to one another, you may be healed.
However, one of the most common hindrances to healing is past, unresolved emotional trauma that is held inside! In fact, emotional trauma is so powerful, if it is held inside long enough, it can weaken the body, make it more susceptible to illness, weaken your faith in healing, and block any healing of your specific symptoms! The longer unresolved, unhealthy emotions remain, the greater the potential for the body to develop other unhealthy issues, such as increasing stress levels, disconnection of the body/soul/spirit, changing DNA structures, and emotional and physical illness. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Provention (CDC) states that 85 percent of physical illness has an emotional root.
For example, among the bodily systems that are most affected by stress are the immune system, heart, and digestive system. When these areas of your body are functioning in a weakened state, you are more suseptible to illness and disease. This means your weakened systems will struggle to fight off illness, contribute to the cause of your illness, and even block your healing, especially with suppressed emotions.)
Craig will share more about how suppressed emotions create and block mind/body conditions and what are some strategies to pray so people are more receptive to receive the love and healing that God has for them. You will hear healing testimonies of people struggling for many years

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