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Beula Cooke

Anointed Teaching

Feb 20, 2022


beula cooke




Inner (Heart) Healing

Jesus came to heal the broken hearted

For more information on this ministry visit Beula's Notes



A seasoned Christian, Beula Cooke graduated from Carleton University in 1969 with a BA in psychology and continued graduate courses in psychology and theology.  Her varied endeavors include office work, secondary school teaching with guidance counselor specialist, Christian bookstore owner/operator, writing for a farm TV news program and rural living on a working farm.

Widowed, a mother of three, grandmother of Melissa and great-grandmother to Aidan, Beula currently lives in Carleton Place, Ontario.

Beula's dedication to ministry includes several years serving on the Region 8 (Ontario) board of the International Order of St. Luke the Physician, helping to organize healing conferences in various locations across Ontario.  She was part of the pastoral care team at the Kemptville Hospital and served three years on the Ellel prayer ministry team at the Westport site after completing two nine-week training sessions and three years son the Friday evening prayer ministry team at Oasis.

Passionate that Jesus desires to heal the heart through the power of His abundant love, Beula offers to facilitate inner healing through the HeartSync model which aims to connect each part of our troubled heart with our loving Lord Jesus who truly knows our hearts and desires to make them whole. 

Jesus treasures relationship with each of us and is so willing to remove all that blocks intimacy with Him and to heal every hurting part of our heart, bringing us to worship and serve Him with an undivided heart as He indwells us and we are at home in Him

For more information on this ministry visit Beula's Notes



Beula Cooke
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