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Encounters With Deliverance

May 16, 2021


Carol Ward

Keynote Speaker

Director, Christian Healing Associates



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 An important teaching on a subject we all need to know more about, especially during a time such as this when darkness seems to rule in so many lives.

DEFINITION:  Deliverance is actually a process of freeing a person from the influence of an evil spirit.  Deliverance is a generic term and deliverance prayer is informal and may be conducted by lay people as well as clergy.”   Dr Francis MacNutt

Corrie Ten Boom:  The fear of Demons is from the demons themselves


Deliverance from Evil Spirits  by Dr Francis MacNutt

Deliver Us from Evil   by Cindy Jacobs

I Give You Authority  by  Charles H. Kraft

They Shall Expel Demons  by Derek Prince

Blessing or Curse – You Can Choose  by  Derek Prince

Demons Defeated   by  Bill Subritzky

A Believer’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare  by  Thomas B. White

Defeating Dark Angels”  by  Charles H. Kraft

“Healing Through Deliverance”  by  Dr Peter Horrobin

“A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare”  by  Quin Sherrer & Ruthann Garlock

The Spiritual Warfare Handbook  by  Chuck D. Pierce


*Be careful of becoming too enthralled by books that may lead you down the path to Satan.


Carol Ward

            For over 30 years Carol has been actively involved in the ministry of Christian healing, frequently working with accredited psychotherapists.  Carol subsequently relinquished her working career to devote her life to this calling.  In 2001 Carol and her husband. Ted, were challenged by Dr Francis MacNutt  (founder of Christian Healing Ministries) to establish a school of healing prayer.    The School of Healing Prayer in Toronto which they ran for fourteen years, and had some 1,000 participants for the 4 levels at 11 weeks each. They also established Christian Healing Associates (a federally chartered charity).  

            In addition to being active in prayer ministry herself, Carol speaks both nationally & internationally and also runs “Healing Evenings” to bring the love and the power of Jesus to heal people.  

            Carol’s experience is that while conducting extended prayer ministry the issue of deliverance may suddenly emerge, for which one must be fully prepared and ready to challenge the demonic and to ultimately bring deliverance and freedom to the person.

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