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                  The Rev. Canon Mark Pearon                     


Oct 19th, 2014

A Healing Conversation with

The Rev. Canon Mark Pearson

Director, The Institute for Christian Renewal

We are hearing a lot lately about PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - because of the toll it takes on emergency service workers (police, fire, ambulance) and soldiers returning from combat.  The stresses experienced and the horrors witnessed have done a job on a person's emotional and spiritual systems.  But there's a lesser version of PTSD that bothers those of us who regularly pray for the sick.  In his talk, Canon Pearson, a leader in Christian healing ministry for the past 30 years, shares what we need to know both to identify and alleviate the negative impact our ministries may have had on us.

To purchase his latest book, and for more information about Mark and the Institute for Christian Renewal please click here


Mark's latest book, published February, 2014

Fifty Days of Glory

From Easter Morning to the Eve of Pentecost

Many books have been published about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but little has been written about the critical days following His Resurrection and leading to the eve of Pentecost.

Now, in Fifty Days of Glory, Mark Pearson explores with scholarly precision and masterful narrative - yet in an easy-to-read style - this important seven-week period between Jesus' Resurrection and the descent of the Holy Spirit. 

You will be amazed and inspired as this oft-ignored period of Jesus' life and ministry is brought to light and carefully examined.  And you will discover new relevance to the risen Lord's ongoing mission and the Holy Spirit's power at work in the world, in the church, and in your life.

"Anyone who wants to know the Lord Jesus Christ more intimately will be blessed by reading this refreshing book."   Dr. Lyle W. Dunnett

"Read the book and encounter the risen Christ anew and afresh."  Dr. Stephen A. Seamands