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Guest Speaker - April 16, 2017

A Healing Conversation with

Kathy Belicki, PhD, MTS, CPsych



Forgiving the Way Jesus Forgives

What did Jesus Mean When He Said

We Must Forgive?

Practical Advice on Forgiving Jesus’ Way

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Ask 10 people what it means to forgive and you will get 10 different answers, some of which may surprise, even shock you. There are many ways to forgive—many forms or “types” of forgiveness—but not all bring healing.  

This talk will build on Dr. Melody Stancil’s October 2016 teleconference in which she taught how forgiveness can lead to better physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Dr. Kathy Belicki is a clinical psychologist, professor at Brock University, long-standing OSL member, co-founder of the Brock Forgiveness Research Group, and co-planner and host of the Comfort and Hope conferences. One of her research priorities has been to identify different forms of forgiveness, and to study how these relate to emotions and quality of relationships. She has found that certain forms of forgiveness have a positive impact, while others have no effect or even a negative impact. It is the forms of forgiveness that are most similar to the forgiveness Jesus teaches that have the positive outcomes that translate to better health in body, mind, and soul.


In this teleconference, Kathy talks about the different ways that people forgive and will compare each of these to Jesus’ teaching. She will then offer practical advice on how to forgive the way Jesus forgives.

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