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November 20, 2016

A Healing Conversation with

 The Rev. Brian Kirby

Inner Healing for

Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse

The Rev Brian Kirby is a priest in the Anglican Network in Canada, and Pastor of Arbutus Grove Reformed Church.  He and his dear wife, Denise, live in Parksville, BC on Vancouver Island.  Brian also serves as the Padre at CFMETR which is the Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental Test Range in Nanoose Bay, B.C. and is retired military Padre and former Zone Padre for the Royal Canadian Legion. 

In 2005 he had Open Heart Surgery and was on Long Term Disability from the Anglican Church of Canada until retirement age.  He considers Himself to be a walking miracle even though with three collapsed vertebrae and extreme pain down his leg he is unable to walk very far or for very long.  His life expectancy has been surpassed by over 40 years.  Following his operation the surgeon asked what work he was doing.  Brian replied, "I am an Anglican priest."  The doctor stated, "You WERE a priest and if you return to work you will be dead within a year."  Brian is happy to report that he has been back preaching, leading bible studies and visiting the sick for 2 years now, so he says with thanksgiving, “Praise be to God!”

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